Google’s mobile-friendly search algorithm

Posted by on Jun 1, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

With more of us searching the Internet on our smartphones rather than on desktops, it was only a matter of time before Google rolled out a mobile-friendly algorithm. In a nutshell, websites that are mobile-friendly rank more highly in mobile search rankings than those that aren’t.

The introduction of the new algorithm means Google is incentivising businesses to make their websites mobile friendly, if they haven’t already. That might require more investment in your website, but if people are increasingly searching for your business on mobile, it makes sense that you’ll want to be discovered there.

But it isn’t just Google that likes mobile-friendly websites. Sites can’t easily be read on mobiles are frustrating for all of us. Text is typically too small to read, links appear too close together and are difficult to accurately click, and the content is wider than the screen, meaning we have to scroll sideways or zoom in.

Often the result is that we click away and find a more readable site instead, possibly a competitor. If that is your business, you’re losing potential customers.

Google won’t remove your site from search results if your site isn’t mobile friendly. But if you’ve spent time building up your search ranking by carefully crafting content for your site to keep it fresh, and by undertaking keyword research to establish the words and phrases you need to be targeting both onsite and off, you won’t want to see the positive results of those efforts wasted.

The trend continues to move from desktop to mobile as we increasingly live our lives through our smartphones. So if you’re a business it makes sense to start planning ahead and to make the switch to a mobile-friendly website sooner rather than later.

To find out if your current site is mobile friendly take Google’s mobile friendly test here. If you’re looking to grow your business either online or off, get in touch with The PR Farm.