Getting started with Periscope for business

Posted by on Jul 7, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

If you’ve spent time on Twitter recently you’ll no doubt have started to see mentions of Periscope in your timeline.  If you’re wondering what it is, it’s an app, owned by Twitter, that allows you to broadcast a live video feed directly from your mobile phone.

Periscope allows you to see the world through someone else’s eyes, as it is happening, right now. You can take a walk through an Amsterdam flower market, watch the sunset over Paris, view Central Park from a New York skyscraper or watch a band play a live set on stage. The opportunities are endless. If it’s happening right now you can broadcast it to the world with the click of a button (and a reliable internet connection).

Available on both IOS and Android, the app is easy to download and set up. Simply sign up using your Twitter account (or using a mobile phone number). Periscope then makes it easy to find accounts to follow by suggesting people you are already following on Twitter. Or you can use its inbuilt search function.

Once you’re all set up you’re ready to broadcast live from wherever you are in the world. The app’s global map allows you to see who else is broadcasting and their locations so you can tune in and watch live.

You can leave comments on live broadcasts and show their appreciation by tapping on the screen, which sends out hearts, similar to a Facebook like except you aren’t restricted to leaving just one.

Opportunities for businesses

Periscope allows businesses to connect directly with your audience in real time, in a genuine, authentic and unedited way. For brands it provides an excellent opportunity to show the human side of your business. You could, for example:

  • Take viewers on a behind the scenes tour of your business
  • Introduce your staff
  • Broadcast conferences and training sessions as they happen
  • Announce new products and product updates live
  • Hold Q & A sessions with products designers or senior staff
  • Gather real-time feedback on aspects of your business
  • Respond to customer complaints and customer service issues.

Tips for getting started

Follow some of the experts and learn from their daily scopes. There are various users worth following including Mark Shaw and Laura Husson who regularly offer viewers tips and tricks, provide updates on the platform and advice on who to follow.

  1. Play around with the platform and get used to it before you start scoping regularly, so you become comfortable with how it works.
  2. Sign up with your Twitter account, rather than using a phone number, if you have one as Periscope allows you to connect with your Twitter followers.
  3. The platform will notify Twitter when your broadcast goes live. This is a great way of ensuring your audience knows you are broadcasting, but you might want to turn this notification off while you are getting used to the platform and not quite ready for the world to watch.

While Twitter lets us see updates from around the world in real time, the addition of Periscope now takes that one stage further allowing us to see and hear what’s happening in the world, as if we were standing in someone else’s shoes viewing it with them.

For innovative businesses prepared to open up their doors through the power of live video broadcasting, Periscope offers a great opportunity to connect with you customers and extend your reach and visibility even further, at the same time gaining valuable feedback that can be responded to immediately.