Envac system to drive energy from waste for Surrey canal: London’s sporting village

Envac UK Ltd has been chosen to supply its automated underground vacuum waste system at Lewisham’s 30 acre Surrey Canal: London’s Sporting Village development.

A partnership with neighbouring Lewisham power plant, SELCHP, will also see the system feed waste directly into the plant in order to generate energy for the entire community. The move forms part of Lewisham’s wider regeneration strategy and is expected to achieve recycling levels in excess of 40 per cent, and also cut carbon emissions from refuse vehicles by up to 90 per cent.

Julian Gaylor, Envac UK Ltd’s Managing Director, says: “The Surrey Canal scheme is a high profile project and Envac’s involvement will help provide a safe, clean and sustainable environment across a significant area of Lewisham. Using the Envac system to generate energy from waste is an extremely compelling feature and takes sustainable waste management to the next level. It will also help deliver a sustainable community in its truest sense and we are delighted that Envac has been appointed to work on such a groundbreaking development.”

Envac addresses waste management limitations placed on large scale developments. Waste inlets are placed at various points throughout the site and a fan system sucks the waste through underground tubes to a central waste station at speeds of up to 70mph and distances as long as 2km. Diverting valves ensure that different types of waste do not mix and each waste type is directed into its correct container at a central point. The waste is then automatically fed into large containers, which are then hoisted onto refuse vehicles when full and taken away by the local council.

Mark Taylor, Director of Development at specialist property company, Renewal Group, adds: “The Surrey Canal development is creating a blueprint for modern day regeneration so it is essential that we work with partners who demonstrate innovation and a commitment to creating sustainable communities. Envac is now widely regarded as a huge success and its installation at the Surrey Canal: London’s Sporting Village will once again showcase how automated vacuum waste systems are the future of waste management.”

Many more high profile UK developments are expected to adopt Envac throughout 2011 in order to meet waste targets and reduce the negative environmental impact associated with traditional waste collection.

On completion, Surrey Canal: London’s Sporting Village will provide a regional sports centre for London, 2,000 new jobs and up to 2,700 new homes.