How to reach out to bloggers

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The concept of blogger outreach isn’t new. Many brands have been working with bloggers for years, valuing the contribution they can make to their campaigns. You’ll find bloggers on press trips, at product launches and even fronting television adverts. Bloggers typically write with passion about a particular niche from fashion to travel, politics to parenting and more. Their voices are authentic, their online followings large and loyal. They update their sites regularly with good quality content, which means they rank well on Google. It is not surprising, then, that bloggers are attractive to brands. But before you start sending out emails it’s worth considering the following: The importance of research There are thousands of bloggers out there so take time to research the market to find bloggers that are a good fit for your brand. Read their blogs; identify the topics they write about and the tone and style of their writing. Check out the blogger’s ‘About’ page to see if they like to work with brands and to find out more about them. Inviting mummy bloggers to an event about your new brand of pushchair won’t be effective if they have teenage children. Research their social media channels – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram. Many will have a presence across multiple channels. Their online exposure extends far beyond their blog. The initial approach Many bloggers will receive hundreds of emails from brands each day. Take time to make sure your offering stands out from the crowd and is interesting and relevant to the blogger you’re contacting. Don’t expect bloggers to write about your brand for free. Appreciate that writing a blog post, sourcing images and uploading content takes time, which should be compensated for in some way. Don’t send an email saying you love their blog if you haven’t read it. It doesn’t sound authentic and will no doubt look identical to many of the other emails bloggers receive. Tailor your email to the specific blogger. Address them by name if it’s provided on their about page. Be upfront about what you are looking for. If you’re inviting bloggers to an event because you want them to write about the brand on their site, say so upfront. Don’t email after the event requesting the post if that wasn’t agreed in advance. Respect bloggers’ time and skills Don’t tell bloggers what to write. The benefit of working with bloggers is that their voices are authentic and they have earned a level of trust with their readers. Once you’ve done your research and onboarded your bloggers, trust them to get on with it. Note that bloggers have other commitments. Many have full time jobs and childcare commitments. Very few can drop everything and attend a blogger event at a day’s notice. Thank bloggers for working with you and nurture the relationship. Many bloggers like building relationships with brands and if you build up a database of bloggers you can reply on, you can call on them again in future. Blogger outreach can be time consuming, but get it right and the rewards are worth it. Your brand can get a degree of online exposure that’s more authentic than a paid advertisement with a message that’s targeted directly to your target...

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Google’s mobile-friendly search algorithm

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With more of us searching the Internet on our smartphones rather than on desktops, it was only a matter of time before Google rolled out a mobile-friendly algorithm. In a nutshell, websites that are mobile-friendly rank more highly in mobile search rankings than those that aren’t. The introduction of the new algorithm means Google is incentivising businesses to make their websites mobile friendly, if they haven’t already. That might require more investment in your website, but if people are increasingly searching for your business on mobile, it makes sense that you’ll want to be discovered there. But it isn’t just Google that likes mobile-friendly websites. Sites can’t easily be read on mobiles are frustrating for all of us. Text is typically too small to read, links appear too close together and are difficult to accurately click, and the content is wider than the screen, meaning we have to scroll sideways or zoom in. Often the result is that we click away and find a more readable site instead, possibly a competitor. If that is your business, you’re losing potential customers. Google won’t remove your site from search results if your site isn’t mobile friendly. But if you’ve spent time building up your search ranking by carefully crafting content for your site to keep it fresh, and by undertaking keyword research to establish the words and phrases you need to be targeting both onsite and off, you won’t want to see the positive results of those efforts wasted. The trend continues to move from desktop to mobile as we increasingly live our lives through our smartphones. So if you’re a business it makes sense to start planning ahead and to make the switch to a mobile-friendly website sooner rather than later. To find out if your current site is mobile friendly take Google’s mobile friendly test here. If you’re looking to grow your business either online or off, get in touch with The PR...

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We know how Father Christmas feels…

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Admittedly, we don’t have the responsibility of making and preparing toys and gifts for billions of people around the world, but we are are getting busier and busier in the lead up to the big day. So, we thought we’d give a Christmas gift to ourselves… in the form of a new person. Not just someone who’s available for one month of the year, but the whole year. Yes, we’re hiring. Apart from being awesome, the right person needs to be able to write (and ideally have a background in PR, too). Experience of dealing with the media is preferable, as is experience of managing social media campaigns. Above all, the right person needs to be a good fit. Is that you? If so, and you’re interested in working at The PR Farm – a PR and marketing agency in Surrey –  then get in touch on 01483 892301 or email...

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We love winning awards… even when they’re for our clients

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Yes, last night we won our property clients the Award for Best Marketing and Presentation at the 2014 Surrey Property Awards. Not only that, but it’s the second consecutive year that we’ve won it for them, too. Estate agents are property marketing professionals and there’s nothing that says ‘we’re good at what we do’ more than winning the best marketing award. After all, that’s what estate agents do, so being the best in your field goes a long way. Take a peek at our ‘Seven Days of Seymours’ blog posts to get an idea of what we’ve done – and continue to do – for Seymours. In the meantime, we’re going to pat ourselves on the back, enjoy (another) well-earned drink and get ready for the raft of briefs from those across Surrey’s property...

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Christmas is here… (almost)

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Not long now. In fact, we’ve just finalised Seymours’ Christmas PR and marketing campaign, which will launch the first week in November. The idea is simple: youngsters throughout Surrey are being asking to design the Seymours 2014 Christmas card. The winning entrant will see their design on the front cover of Seymours’ official Christmas card and sent to people throughout Surrey. They will also win an iPad mini and £1,000 for their school. Not bad, eh. For those with a flair for all things arty get your pens and paints at the...

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Seven Days of Seymours (DAY 6) – The Seymours Relay

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We like this one. A lot. Not only because it had incorporated a touch of internal communications (engaging 18 of Seymours’ partners and their staff!) but also because the two relays that have now taken place raised over £7,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support. We came up with the idea of launching The Seymours Relay – a relay covering over 63 miles, 14 offices and that took over eight hours to complete. Those participating either ran or cycled legs ranging from two to 12 miles, from office to office, before finishing at (where else) the pub! Media coverage was fantastic, Macmillan was delighted and Seymours has now made it an annual event....

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