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Envac, the UK’s only automated waste collection system (AWCS), has appointed another contracts manager as it prepares for what its General Manager claims will be the year of AWCS as multiple developments across the UK include the technology in planning applications.   Alex Sophocli joins Envac UK from EJ, the world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of access solutions, where he was responsible for managing water utility projects to refurbish and upgrade existing water assets throughout Thames Water infrastructure.   Alex is responsible for assisting with the ongoing Envac rollout across Quintain’s Wembley Park site and supporting the current installation at Barking Riverside, which is expected to go live in April as tenants begin to move into the newly built homes.   The appointment comes as forthcoming sites in London, and even Hampshire and Buckinghamshire, opt to move away from traditional bins in favour of a waste collection solution that releases space, reduces waste collection vehicle traffic and improves the sustainability credentials of a development.   Dave Buckley, Managing Director at Envac UK, comments: “We’ve been communicating the benefits of AWCS over traditional bins for some time and now, ten years since the first system was installed in Wembley, we’re beginning to see the message resonate with local authorities and developers not just across London, but across the country.   “Developers now understand that the space saved by using an underground pipe infrastructure can be used for further commercial development and this, combined with the fact that fleets upon fleets of bins is no longer a feasible solution, is beginning to shift opinion towards a system that not only improves local environments, but also costs less to run than multiple collection trucks operating all day, every day. Alex’s appointment is essential in growing the business in line with growing demand for AWCS and we welcome him to the team.”   Work on Barking Riverside’s collection station, which is due to be commissioned towards the end of March, is nearing completion. The system, which will replace 19,000 traditional bins with only 460 Envac waste inlets connected to an underground network of pipes that transport waste, via airflow, from inlets to the collection station, will be the biggest in Europe when fully operational.   Alex adds: “It’s a really exciting time to be joining the business. I now look forward to growing with the company as the technology gains further acceptance and the UK market for AWCS develops.”   There are now over 1,000 Envac installations worldwide across a number of regions and countries including Scandinavia, the Middle East, Singapore and South Korea.   For more information visit

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London is set to become home to one of the largest automated waste collection systems (AWCS) in Europe after Barking Riverside Limited, a joint venture between London & Quadrant (L&Q) and the Mayor of London, selected Envac to handle the waste of almost 10,000 homes at Barking Riverside London.   The move will see up to 460 Envac waste inlets installed instead of the 19,000 traditional bins that would have been required had AWCS not been selected – a reduction of almost 98 per cent in containers.   Two waste fractions, residual and mixed recycling, will be collected via the waste inlets, which will be conveniently situated near people’s homes. Once the inlets are full, or at pre-programmed emptying times, fans located at the collection station create a negative airflow, ‘sucking’ waste at speeds of over 40mph through a subterranean pipe network measuring 15km in length.   Each automated collection cycle for the entire 178 hectare site will take minutes as opposed to multiple waste collection teams and vehicles taking all day to empty on-street bins – a process that typically has a negative environmental impact.   Envac began installation work on the development in September. The first phase of the system, which will serve around 1,700 homes, will launch in 2019.   Matthew Carpen, Project Director at Barking Riverside London, comments: “Our sustainability-led ethos and commitment to making this a clean, green and pleasant area in which to live led us to this ground-breaking method of waste collection.   By integrating Envac and making waste collection one of the key environmental strands of Barking Riverside London, we’ve not only ensured that waste collection will operate sustainably and effectively, but also taken the carbon emissions and traffic safety aspects attributable to a constant flow of waste collection vehicles out of the equation.”   Barking Riverside London anticipates that the system’s inclusion will reduce waste vehicle-related carbon emissions by at least 90 per cent as multiple waste collection vehicles, each of which typically empties every bin, are no longer needed. Envac estimates that the system will replace hundreds of daily empties required to service 19,000 bins, made possible by having eight industrial vehicles running full time every day.   Dave Buckley, Managing Director of Envac UK, adds: “We are now beginning to see a huge shift in the way major developments tackle waste collection. Whilst Envac can be used as a way in which to free up space generally assigned to bin storage for further commercial development, such as building more apartments, Barking Riverside London has taken the decision to install it simply because they want to make the site as pleasant a place to live as possible. As London’s population continues to rise and the physical and aesthetical limitations of rolling out more bins becomes apparent, Barking Riverside London has not only demonstrated a strong and long-term commitment to the environment, but also the residents and the communities it will ultimately serve.”   The system is one of over 1.000 installations to have been built since the company formed in 1961, has a lifespan of between 60 to 80 years and remains operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.   For more information on Envac visit...

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   Fans of Scottish smoked fish looking for something new may be pleased to know that artisan Aberdeen smokehouse and smoked salmon connoisseur, John Ross Jr, has unveiled its new Scottish Smoked Trout in time for Christmas.   The new luxury product, which is smoked in traditional brick kilns dating back to 1857 using time-honoured, artisan techniques, is now available exclusively in almost 300 Waitrose stores nationwide.   Priced at £6.49 for a 200g pack, the product has been launched in time to feature on festive menus up and down the country and in response to growing demand for new smoked and cured ‘ready-to-eat’ fish products.   The exclusive partnership with Waitrose builds on the success the smokehouse has had with the nation’s much-loved retail brand over the last 10 years.   Vicky Leigh-Pearson, John Ross Jr’s Sales and Marketing Director, comments: “We often talk about smoked salmon as being that traditional, quintessential Christmastime dish. With our smoked trout product we’re aiming to shake up that tradition and provide foodies with a greater choice of smoked and cured fish products and a chance to widen their smoked fish palettes. Our belief is that consumers want to try new smoked and cured products without having to compromise on quality; this latest product provides the perfect solution.”   John Ross Jr first began supplying Waitrose with its 200g Traditional Smoked Salmon, which   For more information on John Ross Jr visit...

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The PR Farm wins brief to launch Europe’s first full range of sustainable fibreglass windows

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The PR Farm has been appointed to launch Boavista, Europe’s first full range of fibreglass window frames that set new industry standards in sustainability, durability and performance.   The sustainable window brand, the first of its kind in the UK, has been launched by the team behind Meronden Designs, a bespoke structural and specialist glass design firm responsible for work ranging from installations at the iconic Lloyds Building and Ernst & Young’s More London Place offices to the homes of discerning private clients.   The PR Farm will now handle all PR campaign development and outreach and be responsible for reframing the debate around windows, leveraging on what the firm calls ‘the window revolution’ and making architects, housebuilders and local government aware of the product’s sustainability benefits. Right firm to deliver a sustainability PR campaign Neil Puttock, Managing Director at Boavista Windows UK, comments: “The PR Farm’s approach and ideas left us in no doubt that it’s the right firm to deliver a sustainable PR campaign that communicates Boavista’s significant environmental benefits far and wide. There really is no comparison between Boavista and other window products currently on the market and we look forward to working with The PR Farm to communicate this to our target audience and build a successful and sustainable business.”   Stuart Pearson, Director at Surrey PR agency, The PR Farm, adds: “I’m delighted to welcome Boavista to The PR Farm’s stable of sustainable brands and look forward to working with the team. Boavista is an innovative and forward thinking business and we’re ready to take that message out to an external audience and communicate the role it can now play in shaping a sustainable built environment.”   For more information on Boavista visit or phone 01252...

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Egbert Taylor Group

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