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The PR Farm is a Surrey-based boutique PR & communications agency.

We specialise in sustainability PR, the built environment and waste and recycling PR.


Who Are We?

The PR Farm is a PR and marketing agency in Godalming, Surrey.

Whether you want to generate headlines in your target media, redesign your company’s marketing materials, launch a new advertising campaign or even rebrand your organisation, we can help.

Imagine a communications agency that cares about growing your business as much as you.

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Why Use The PR Farm?

It sounds a bit like something you’d read in a business handbook, but we want to make a difference for the clients we work with – and enjoy doing it in the process.

Throughout our years as PR and marketing professionals, we’ve learnt to understand what works and what doesn’t.

We believe that The PR Farm is a distillation of everything that does work so that everything we do contributes to the growth of your business and makes a difference.

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About Us

The PR Farm grew out of a basic principle. We felt that we could do better than other agencies by helping to cultivate businesses without charging the earth. Not only that, but we felt we could do it in a no-nonsense, honest way.

So we did.

Having left our respective PR agencies, we’ve now grown The PR Farm into a business that isn’t built on false promises. We deliver what we say we’ll deliver and we’ll do a great job.

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